Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yearly Newsletter

We had another fun and challenging year. Seems like more challenges than fun, but life really keeps you on your toes.

Nicholas finished up his first year of college. He was glad for the experience, but we think he gained a better appreciation for his parents. He also wrote, filmed and produced a feature length movie that was fantastic. What a great talent. Now he is working and paying off some of the bills associated with the fun of education. We’re glad he’s learning about responsibility at a young age. He’s enjoying going to his Singles Ward and making some good friends there. He turned 20 in October.

Brianna turned 17 this summer. She’s still extremely busy all of the time. Between cheerleading, being on the tennis team, choir and being a stagehand for the drama club, we almost never see her. She was able to participate with the cheer team and win state this last year. Now she is trying to decide on a college for next year and will try out for a cheer squad to help with tuition. We’re hoping she gets a scholarship.

Suzanna is now 14. She’s in the 8th grade this year. She was on the cheer squad and had Brianna as her coach, which was fun. Suza made the 9th grade basketball team again and her team has won their first few games. She’s had a fun time playing so far. Also, dad has to keep all of the boys away from her – not fun.

Jonathan is a 5th grader and turned 10. He had a goal this year of becoming a pitcher for his baseball team. He practiced throwing every day. He ended up being their most reliable pitcher and had a great year. Jonathan has lots of friends and people love to be around him. He’s such a happy guy. He is a Webelos Scout and looking forward to getting his Arrow of Light.

Joanna is a too smart 4 year old. This year she has picked up singing as one of her favorite activities. Even dad has had the song from Tangled playing endlessly through his head because of her singing prowess. She is so social and loves to go to pre-school still. We’re trying to decide if she’s ready for Kindergarten or not. She does keep us young.

Heidi and Kevin have been fighting health issues all year. Heidi found out she has celiac disease (gluten/wheat free). Kevin had back surgery to fuse a disc. Lots of fun, recovery, and life changes. We did get to go on a trip to Hawaii on Kevin’s travel points, so at least mom and dad had a short and relaxing getaway. Our camping and family travel wasn’t as frequent as we wanted, but a couple of short family trips helps keep us close and having fun. We hope that 2012 will be a great year for all.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Love, Kevin, Heidi, Nicholas, Brianna, Suzanna, Jonathan, Joanna and Oliver Dibb

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Here is the family picture. Taken in the summer of 2010.